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Grizzly knows no remorseTeaser for Yell! Magazine. Interview to follow.

Grizzly Knows No Remorse – Fat Glasses And The Leather Mustache (2015) Review

Punk, grunge, and dirty rock. I haven’t heard good shit in this department in a while. Then I get an e-mail introducing me to the wacky, hardcore, bearded, musical masterminds of Grizzly Knows No Remorse. Mind Blown.

This Russian underground metalcore screamo group delivers all the signature hardcore sound fans who follow Motorhead, Norma Jean, and Everytime I Die crave. The band looks like a group of scrappy indie punk rockers. Their sound is raw, fresh, and entertaining as hell. Catchy lyrics combined with upbeat crazy music and wacky videos create a truly entertaining masterpiece you won’t want to miss. They are a refreshing change from monotonous crap flowing through the punk rock genre today.

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Poppy Del Interview – Curves Are Definitely Feminine

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deadly-couture-latex-and-the-photos-are-by-aparte-photographyI don’t know about you, but I have a soft spot for gorgeous Canadian alt models, and Poppy Del definitely fits the bill! This tattooed bombshell, currently based out of Vancouver, BC, is a pretty busy lady. A student, artist, make-up artist, model, and aspiring tattoo artist, this chick does a little bit of everything! Make sure that you check out our interview below and watch for her this summer in Ink’d 4 Life Magazine and Missy/Ink Magazine!

When did you start modeling and what was it that made you want to do it?
I started going to modeling school when I was 6. My mom put me in it when we were living in Edmonton, and I don’t really recall why. She must have thought I was a cute kid.

To be a successful model requires lots of stuff, perhaps a gorgeous face, hot body, and lots of time and nerves to get your name out? What’s your secret?
Hmm… Well you really have to put yourself out there, and have the time to do it. It’s challenging to juggle a life, a job, shoots, social media, e-mails, relationships, and taking care of yourself. I’m not sure what the secret is because I think I’m pretty terrible at this, hahaha. I guess it’s probably prioritizing and staying on top of things.

What was the hardest part about getting into the business?
I’d say to get into it the hardest part would probably be getting work. You need to build a portfolio that is going to draw the right attention to yourself. A lot of photographers want to be paid and so do models, so finding the right people to take a chance doing TFP with someone who is new. I was lucky to have a lot of friends help me out when I got back into modeling a few years ago. I feel like if you’re paying to be photographed, then you’re not really modeling. Networking is definitely key.

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Ominous Clothing – A Dark & Sinister Interview

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10153255_305792769575082_1536115797_nWearing alternative clothing makes a statement, but it’s not always the statement you want. You certainly don’t want to wear alt gear that says, “I’m a huge douche, yo!” And the sad thing is that those who wear the wrong alt clothing don’t even know the implications of what they’re statement is.

This is not the case with Ominous Clothing, an alt brand coming out of Phoenix, Arizona. Catering to both men and women, Ominous is a family-owned business soon to be found in a store near you.

Praising the dark and sinister, our Danailya Reese had a chat with the company’s co-owner, Janine. Find out more about your next favorite clothing brand with the help of our interview.

Tell me how Ominous Clothing came to be and when.
Ominous Clothing is a collaboration between my nephew, Jak Connolly, my husband, David, and my partner, Jim.

What are some of the ideals behind Ominous Clothing, and why did you decide on “Ominous Clothing” for your name?
Ominous clothing is only my nephew’s art. He is a world-renowned tattoo artist known for his dark realism. Jak decided on the name while we were on the phone one afternoon because it perfectly represents the art work – dark and sinister!

You offer a large range of products, can you tell me about what you have available?
We have everything from hats to shirts to hoodies to phone cases to tanks to even bikinis.

See all that Ominous Clothing has to offer and place your orders at:

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Vicki Francia [Interview] – You Can Thank Her Parents

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1779755_467447673383450_1708132762_nVicki Francia is a Denver-based alternative bombshell who has a passion for hooking up with big clothing companies and creating gorgeous images. When she’s not rocking out photoshoots for brands like Yakuza Clothing, Ink Addict, Black Market Art, 7th Revolution, Timber Threads, and Monark, she’s busy gracing the pages of INKED Magazine and InkSpired Magazine! I had the chance to chat with this alternative sweetheart and here’s what she had to say about her modeling, her ink, her passions, and what is in store for 2014.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers.
Hey, my name is Vicki Francia. I am an internationally published alternative model!

Where are you currently based?
Denver Colorado.

When did you start modeling and what was it that made you want to do it?
I started modeling when I was 15. Back in the day my friends and family always told me that I should get into the modeling. The thought of modeling never crossed my mind; I was too busy riding dirt bikes and going to local shows. So my parents put me into a modeling school and I have been modeling ever since!

To be a successful model requires lots of stuff, perhaps a gorgeous face, hot body, and lots of time and nerves to get the name out? What’s been your secret?
Honestly, I still get nervous for certain shoots, but once I’m in front of the camera I switch into sexy mode and rock the shit out of every shoot! As for the “secret” — confidence!

What was the hardest part about getting into the business?
The hardest part is trying to be different. You have to have something that makes you stand out.

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An Interview With Toxiclife And The Overachievers – Born From America’s Armpit

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We can get behind any guy who calls himself Toxiclife and has worked for Lloyd Kaufman‘s Troma Entertainment, and has a song called “Michael Myers,” complete with a rendition of the Halloween theme for the intro. Our very own Danailya Reese had the chance to talk with Toxiclife, learning that there’s a new album from Toxiclife and the Overachievers on the way. Find out what else she gleaned from the punker’s mind in the interview below.

toxiclife and the overachieversCan you tell me about how the band got started? Where did it get started and where are you based out of currently?

I started performing acoustically as Toxi Life in 2000. I picked some friends up living in Philly and we wound up just enjoying playing a lot of music together. Currently I live in NY and my bandmates live in Philly. I’m back and forth a lot, so we’re omnipresent.

Can you tell me a bit about each of the members?
Nolan Felix and Miles Ziskind (The Over Achievers) are both like brothers to me, I’ve known them both close to 10 years. I met Nolan and he was shredding bass in another band we were in for awhile, and Miles I just knew as a local skater/graffer and it turned out he’s a really talented drummer. They perform with me as TOA and have stuck with me through the years; we just enjoy getting together and rocking the fuck out.

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Visha Loo [Interview] – Contortion Meets Gore

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19Daddy’s little princess… where did it all go wrong? Let me introduce the queen of gore, the twisted princess of calamity and destruction, Visha Loo. This incredibly talented and genuinely twisted contortionist is one Canada’s best. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Visha Loo is a model, latex designer, freakshow performer, and organizational wizard who prides herself on creating hauntingly beautiful masterpieces and orchestrating upscale events that showcase some of the most creative and original artists from many corners of the globe. I have been a huge fan of Visha’s work for years and finally got a chance to sit and chat with her about her work and here’s what she had to say.

When did you start modeling and what was it that made you want to do it?
I started modelling back in 2003. It all started with SuicideGirls, which is funny because I was shy as fuck! But it seemed like the thing to do so I did it. Hehe. For me, every day is Halloween, so modelling only makes sense because it’s a fun way to dress up all the time! I can be whoever I wanna be and always switch it up.

To be a successful model requires lots of stuff, perhaps a gorgeous face, hot body, and lots of time and nerves to get the name out? What’s your secret?
Hehe. I have no clue. I just do as I do. I have my dreams and my goals and I go out and get them and live them! Be you! Whoever that is, because everybody else is already taken.

What was the hardest part about getting into the business?

What drew you into the alternative scene and what inspires you to this day?
I think it started back with Beetlejuice and Lydia. The dark, twisted, and strange have always interested me. Everything around me inspires me. I love seeing what other people will come up with. Personally, I just always end up in black hehe… or B&W stripes. I’m not sure if I’m “in” the alternative scene. I think I just float around everywhere and I seem to fit that the best.

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Yasmin Morgan [Interview] – This Is The New Face Of German Beauty

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1Yasmin Morgan is an easy-going German-based alt model with a mind to keep working on her flesh canvas while not being bogged down by the stresses of the industry. Her personality is as bright as her hair, and like so many before her, she has an obsession for shoes. I had the wonderful opportunity to have a chat with the gorgeous girl, and here’s how it went down.

When did you start modeling and what was it that made you want to do it?
I think it was about three years ago as I started doing a few shootings and I felt pretty comfortable and I loved to see the results. I tried to get better in changing my mimic and drawing attention to my body. I learned a lot about representing myself and getting more self-confident and open-minded. From the very beginning I decided to do this as a hobby and to have a good time. I don’t do this for the money; I’m afraid of loosing the fun factor of it because I know how hard the business can be.

To be a successful model requires a lot, perhaps a gorgeous face, hot body, and lots of time and nerves to get the name out? What’s your secret?
I think there is no secret. You just have to feel comfortable in your own skin and, to me, it doesn’t matter if you are skinny, athletic, or a bit chubby, as long as you have a good charisma.

What was the hardest part in getting into the business?
It’s hard for me getting “into the business” around here. There aren’t so many scene photographers or people who want to work with tattooed girls. It’s hard to make connections and without connections you aren’t a part of the business. So I wouldn’t actually say I’m in the scene here in Germany. I just love to work some ideas out, connecting with new people, and try to give the best for my fans.

What would you say gives you the most feminine note in your look?
I love my long, colorful hair. And, of course, you have to show your “sexiness.”

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